Making Something New With Knowledge

Exploit-Kita was developed for Online Tools Project based on hacking activity and any other requested about automatication tools.

Feature 01


an faster service tools is our priority

Feature 02


responsive for mobile and desktop

Feature 03


still up to date in new trend of cyber world

Feature 04

Free and Pro

our services absolutely free, for premium tools just

contact us.

Feature 05

Online Support

You can send a message anytime via chat and get feedback right away!

Feature 06


we write and sharing article about exploit, web devOps, networking, also crime news in the cyber world

Cyber marketplace

wanna sell your private tools ? just contact us and we will sell it here and get more profit.

What you will get ?
  • A better profit
  • Trusted and validated buyer
  • Access our Chat Community
  • Get trusted from buyer

About Us

Exploit-Kita was founded by Html404, on December 16, 2018. Exploit-Kita wasn't a big team, initially only made to share knowledge about IT, as well as discuss and share about Exploit, Web Developers, Network Infrastructure, and also crime on the cyber world.

Regards-Kita: Html404 | UstadCage_48 | Mr.TokeiChun69 | Mr.7z | Con7ext

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